[No Root or PC Required] How to Bypass Screenshot Restrictions on Android and Capture Screenshots [Strictly Prohibited for Misuse] | おれんじあんてな

[No Root or PC Required] How to Bypass Screenshot Restrictions on Android and Capture Screenshots [Strictly Prohibited for Misuse]

This article is a translation of content originally crafted in Japanese. The images featured within the article are in Japanese.

"Couldn't capture screenshot.Taking screenshots isn't allowed by the app or your organisation"

Have you ever encountered a message like this when trying to take a screenshot on your Android smartphone? This often happens when attempting to capture screenshots in apps like TV or video streaming services.

The reason behind this is that the app is preventing screenshot capture to avoid misuse, such as copyright infringement.

Is there a way to bypass this screenshot restriction and capture the screen? In short, if your device is running Android 9, you can still capture screenshots, even if the app prohibits it.

In this article, we will introduce methods to capture screenshots, even if the app restricts it.

No rooting or PC is required for Android 9 devices.

Common Method for Taking Screenshots

Normally, you can capture a screenshot on an Android device by simultaneously pressing the [Power button] and [Volume Down button].

However, if the app restricts screenshot capture, you'll see a message saying "Screenshot creation is not permitted by the app or organization," and you won't be able to capture the screen.


Screenshot restriction error

Using Google Assistant to Capture Screenshots

To capture a screenshot on an app that doesn't allow it through conventional methods, you can use Google Assistant.

By requesting Google Assistant to capture a screenshot, you can bypass the app's restriction and capture screenshots.

Here's an actual screenshot captured from an app that restricts screenshots:


Captured screenshot even from a restricted app

※ Mosaic is added for privacy, but the screenshot is captured as displayed on the smartphone screen.

Setting Up Google Assistant for Screenshot Capture

Google Assistant doesn't have screenshot capture enabled by default, so you need to configure it.

Setting Up:
  1. Launch the device settings.
  2. Tap on [Google].
  3. Tap on [Search, Assistant & Voice].
  4. Tap on [Google Assistant].
  5. Tap on the [Assistant] tab.
  6. Tap on [Smartphone].
  7. If [Google Assistant] is not turned on, turn it on.
  8. Turn on [Use screen context].

1. Launch the device settings


2. Tap on [Google]


3. Tap on [Search, Assistant & Voice]


4. Tap on [Google Assistant]


5. Tap on [Assistant] tab


6. Tap on [Smartphone]


7. If [Google Assistant] is not turned on, turn it on


8. Turn on [Use screen context]

Capturing Screenshots in Apps Where It's Restricted

Capture Method:
  1. Bring the app for which you want to capture a screenshot to the forefront.
  2. Long-press the home button to launch Google Assistant.
  3. Using voice or keyboard input, ask Assistant to "take a screenshot."
  4. A menu saying "Edit or share" will appear; specify the storage or sharing location.

9. Ask Assistant to take a screenshot


10. Specify the storage or sharing location

The screenshot captured by Assistant won't be immediately saved to the device's internal storage like regular screenshots.

If you want to save it, choose [Save to Drive] and save it to "Google Drive."


While we've introduced methods to capture screenshots bypassing app-set restrictions, please consider whether bypassing the prohibition is genuinely okay.

It's strictly prohibited for malicious purposes.